The future of the Québec Pension Plan

The Québec Pension Plan is here to stay

The ageing of the population will put a lot of pressure on the Québec Pension Plan, because benefits will have to be paid to an increasing number of beneficiaries.  

However, since the Plan was established in 1966, it has been carefully monitored. An actuarial valuation must be prepared every three years.

In addition, every 6 years, the government will hold a public consultation to allow the population to voice their opinion on any amendments to be made to the Plan.

The purpose of all these measures is to enhance Plan funding, encourage workers 60 and over to stay in the workforce longer and address certain needs of our clients. Actuarial valuation and periodic public consultations allow adjustments to be made to the Plan to take into account demographic and economic changes.

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Did you know?

The government is taking the necessary measures to guarantee the future of the Plan so that all Quebeckers will receive the benefits to which they are entitled.