Information on the annual information return

Changes to the 2019 Annual Information Return

  • The required fees per member or beneficiary (line 15) are now $10.50.
  • Several questions were added in section 4 entitled Administration and investments.

As result of the implementation of the SPP Portal online service, several changes and improvements have been made, making the production of the annual information return (AIR) easier for 2018 and subsequent years.

Submit the AIR and the documents required to complete the return online

The AIR and where required, the independent auditor's report and the report on supplementary matters, must now be submitted online through the SPP Portal.


Only the administrator's representative is authorized to submit the AIR to Retraite Québec.

Declaration of the plan administrator's representative

The administrator's representative must now confirm, before submitting the AIR, that the plan administrator has considered and can attest to the accuracy and veracity of the information contained therein.

Note that

The declaration replaces the signatures in the old form in the section entitled Certificate of the signatories.

Context-sensitive help and validation of data

The help boxes (context-sensitive help) are positioned on each line or section that requires explanation; they serve to guide users in correctly completing the online return. A validation function makes it possible to verify the information and correct any errors before submitting the AIR.

If needed, you can consult the Guide to the Annual Information Return This link will open in a new window., which contains all the help boxes for each section of the SPP Portal, including those of the most recent AIR.

Contact information of pension committee members

Information concerning the plan administrator, including the contact information of pension committee members, can now be updated at any time through the SPP Portal. Only the administrator's representative and persons authorized to complete the annual information return have access to the information and are able to update it.

To ensure that written communication is received by pension committee members, Retraite Québec now requests their residential address. Addresses are not visible on the AIR once it has been saved or printed.

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