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Amount of the Family Allowance payment


Due to the exceptional situation resulting from COVID-19 pandemic, Revenu Québec has extended the deadline for producing and submitting your 2019 income tax return to 1 June 2020. Given the circumstances, if your family income was not yet available when we sent you your 2020-2021 annual notice regarding Family Allowance, Retraite Québec will continue paying you a temporary amount until September 2020. If necessary, we will make an adjustment once Revenu Québec has provided us with the information on your family income for 2019.

For additional information, see the Frequently Asked Questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

The amount of the Family Allowance varies from one family to another. The calculation takes into account:

  • the family income (the combined total income of both spouses)
  • the number of dependent children under the age of 18 who live with you
  • the family situation (single-parent or two-parent)
  • the number of children in shared custody
Maximum and minimum yearly amounts – 2020
Maximum amount Amount
1st child $2515
2nd child $2515
3rd child $2515
4th and subsequent children$2515
Single-parent family + $882
Minimum amount Amount
1st child $1000
2nd child $1000
Single-parent family+ $352
Yearly amount for the purchase of school supplies – 2020
Supplement for the Purchase of School Supplies$104
Yearly amounts for a handicapped child – 2020
Supplement for Handicapped Children$2376
Supplement for Handicapped Children Requiring Exceptional  Care 
Tier 1$11 940
Tier 2$7 956

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