How to apply for your retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan?

What you need to know before applying

You can apply for your retirement pension up to 12 months before the time you would like to receive your first payment. Learn more about the conditions of payment of the retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan.

Are you already receiving or expecting to receive benefits from a public or private agency (insurance company)? Please contact that agency for more information. Your retirement pension under the QPP may reduce the amounts payable from that agency.

If you are over age 65 and have not yet applied for your pension, the amount will be 8.4% higher per year. You can also choose to receive your pension retroactively, but the amount will be lower for life. Therefore, you will receive a single payment equal to the pension you would have received had you applied up to 12 months earlier. The retroactive pension can only begin after your 65th birthday.

Application for a Retirement Pension

Once you have decided to apply for your pension, do so from My Account. You will have access to a pre-filled form in a personalized environment. You can also learn more about the Application for a Retirement Pension.

You will receive your pension on the last working day of the month.

When a retired person dies, his or her retirement pension is no longer paid as of the month following his or her death.

Other useful information

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