Can you receive a retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan?

As of age 65, you can receive 100% of your retirement pension under the Québec Pension Plan (QPP). To be eligible, you must have made sufficient contributions to the QPP for at least a year.

When you work, you contribute to the QPP provided that:

  • you are age 18 or over;
  • your employment earnings exceed $3500 per year.

If you believe that your situation requires it, you can apply for a lower pension as early as age 60. In this case, the pension you will receive for life will be lower than the one you would have received from age 65.

You can receive your retirement pension even if you continue working. In that case, you will receive a retirement pension supplement.

Statement of Participation under the Québec Pension Plan

Your Statement of Participation is available at all times in My Account. It is a valuable tool that informs you on:

  • the employment income on which you made contributions under the QPP and, if applicable, under the Canada Pension Plan (CPP);
  • the amount of your contributions;
  • an estimate of your retirement pension.

Make sure that all the employment earnings on which you have contributed under the QPP are entered in your file. If not, notify us of your situation by completing the Request for Corrections to Pensionable Employment Earnings form.

Life outside Québec

Have you worked elsewhere in Canada? Retraite Québec takes into account your contributions to the Canada Pension Plan to calculate your retirement pension.

Do you live elsewhere in Canada? You will still receive your retirement pension. It will be paid by the Canada Pension Plan if you have contributed to it.

Have you worked abroad? Québec has international social security agreements with 39 countries. The agreements could allow you to receive a pension or a higher pension.

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