Breakdown of a union

If your union breaks down, you and your former spouse will have to make some decisions that will have repercussions on your current and future income.

Partition of the employment earnings recorded under your names for the Québec Pension Plan during your marriage will be carried out automatically between you and your former spouse, unless you renounce partition in your judgment. If you were de facto (common law) spouses, partition is not automatic; you must jointly file an application.

Partition can also be carried out for your supplemental pension plans as well as your LIRAs and LIFs, and will influence your retirement income.

Your decisions concerning child custody could affect your Family Allowance payments, since the amount is calculated according to your spousal status and your family income.

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Information on the impacts and the steps to take following the breakdown of your union are available on the Québec government portal, under the heading Separation and divorce This link will open in a new window..

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