You obtain or keep custody of a child following the breakdown of your union

The Family Allowance

You must file an application for Family Allowance Payments to receive the amounts to which you are entitled if:

  • you obtain custody of a minor child
  • you retain custody of a child following a separation and if you are not already the beneficiary for the child.

Supplement for Handicapped Children

  • If you obtain custody of a minor child and a Supplement for Handicapped Children is being paid for this child at the time of the change in custody, the Supplement will be paid to you from then on. You do not have to apply for it.
  • If you obtain custody of a minor child and believe you are entitled to the Supplement for Handicapped Children, and it was not being paid when the change in custody occurred, you can verify the eligibility conditions and file an Application for the Supplement for Handicapped Children.

Change in conjugal situation

  • Following a change in conjugal status, we recalculate the amount of your Family Allowance payments. In the event of a separation, you will be considered to be de facto separated when the separation has lasted at least 90 days. Wait until that period has passed before declaring your new conjugal status.

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